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Trolling in the deep with Mamma Shad. Massive PB.

Trolling in the deep.

As an ambitious carp angler, I have been looking for big fish for many years. I prefer to fish clear, deep dredging holes in my German homeland! Lakes in my region are known for large, but not necessarily many, fish. This means that as a carp angler I often put an immense effort into location and preparations, which is not always that easy in an already stressful everyday life. Every now and then a little change is good, and so recently I have been focusing more and more on the pike in my home water. 

Nils Elders, German Carp Angler

Home water.

In my region there is very little shallow waters. The average depth is over 12m (40ft). Big advantage of such structurally poor lakes are few obstacles under water. Big pike are almost always deep in the open water, which is perfect for trolling with XXL baits. A bait can hardly be too big for my taste. I find the fish in these depths almost all year round. Sunlight reach these areas significantly less, so bright colors, especially orange, work perfectly. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw the Mamma Shad for the first time. It fulfills my requirements exactly in every aspect.

If I locate big mammas in the open water, I usually let the bait run 2m above their depth! Conveniently, the pike are often in the same water column, so that I can then systematically grind this area. To get Mamma Shad to about 8m (26ft), I put 150g of lead in front of it. The boat speed is about 3km. By looking at the tip of the rod you can tell how lively the bait is running at this speed. For many years I have been going to Sweden regularly for pike fishing. Several times I have experienced there how selective large baits can be for large fish. What the Mamma Shad has already brought into my net this year in terms of large pikes is really unbelievable! Not to mention fact that I caught my personal best 121cm pike on this very lure. Please check out few shots of this beauty!

121cm Monster - my new personal best.

A big compliment to Maciej Dukacz for this great bait.

Tight lines Nils.

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