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100% hand crafted fishing lures. Made with passion since 2010.


All of my lures are 100% handmade. It always starts as an idea! That idea is transferred to a piece of paper and when I am 100% happy with the look of it I am starting to carve my new lure idea in wood. 


Every lure is individually hand painted with an airbrush together with some other painting techniques needed to achieve required look. Lures may look similar to each other but you will never find two that are the same!


At Mel Handmade Lures we even create our own 3d eyes. We believe that eyes are one of the most important pieces of the look of the lure so we don't take any shortcuts. We could use readily available 3d eyes but with our own design lures became easily recognisable. 


Our lures are made from strong quality materials. Everything is done by hand to eliminate possible errors. 

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+353 894005090

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