Frequently Asked Questions

◘ Can I order custom colour of your lures?
Yes, you can order custom paint of one of our lures. If you wish to get one please contact us before placing your order. We advise you to discuss with us your desired paint work as due to limited palette of soft plastic paints we might not be able to fulfill your request. Availability depends on current orders volume.  Please note that ordering custom lure may delay your overall order significantly.

◘ Can you send abroad?
Yes, we can send pretty much anywhere. Our main shipping option is AnPost service. For shipping details and postage rates please visit Shipping section.

◘ How long does it take for orders to arrive?
Our main shipping option is AnPost and our experience of their service is very good. Usual turnaround time for EU orders was 3-4 working days.
However noways due to COVID19 pandemic and local limits of services, lockdowns etc. we can not give any specific time frame for delivery of your order as it is beyond our control.

◘ Do we offer discounts for shop’s orders?
If you are interested in ordering our products for your store please contact us directly on shop@melhandmadelures.com and we will be more than happy to discuss it with you.
Please do not make any wholesale size orders in our online store before contacting us as it may affect it’s stock levels.

◘ What is the shipping cost for St.Croix Rods.
Unfortunately we can not post St.Croix Rods as none of shipping companies based in Ireland accept parcels longer than 2m.
If you are interested in ordering one of those great rods for extra cost we can deliver it to some places that are 100km away or 1hr drive from Mullingar. You are also more than welcome to visit us in our Mullingar workshop and collect it yourself.
Please be advised that both mentioned above are subject to current COVID19 regulations.
If you live outside of Ireland and wish to order one of St.Croix Rods from us please contact us at stcroix@melhandmadelures.com and maybe we will be able to send it to you directly from our distribution centre.