High quality BKK Treble Hooks

High quality BKK Treble Hooks

Since 2020 all Mel Handmade Lures producs are rigged with BKK hooks.

BKK is one of the best currently available brands on the market. They are extremely sharp and very strong. Every single hook is the best possible quality, there is no faulty, imperfect or weak ones as you can get when buying bulk of other brands.

We have 3 sizes available:
◘ 2/0 for lures like Piranha, Trout and Pike - 15-20cm range,
◘ 4/0 for larger lures like Baby Shad or other lures around 30cm mark,
◘ 5/0 for the biggest lures on the market like Mr. Pike or other lures around 40cm mark.


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