Dear friends. 

I heard about many big fish caught already on my lures so to encourage you to share your catches I came up with the idea of loyalty competition. It is gonna be the biggest competition up to date organised by Mel Handmade Lures. 

I will introduce points system for every photo/fish caught on Mel Handmade Lures.

Entries will be taken up to 23rd of December and I will live draw winners on 25th of December.

All you need to win main prize is just 1 point but collecting more points will increase your chances and you may win multiple prizes.



  • to take part in the competition you need to send your entry picture (in the best quality) to Bad quality, pixelated pictures may not count.

  • you will also need to upload that picture to my Facebook group - MHL pike fishing group.
    Everyone is invited to join the group -

  • you need to like my Facebook page as the draw will be done live on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook you may subscribe to my YouTube channel. Winners will be announced there too. Both social media are linked below. If you are not on any social media please mention that in your entry email and we will sort it out.

  • Mel Handmade Lures reserve rights to reject admission for various reasons without explanation,

  • bad fish handling, rubbish in the frame and those type of photos will be automatically deleted,

  • if you happen to own some of my lures and you do have great photography skills you may also enter. Just send me some cool shots of Mel Handmade Lures and if I like them points will be awarded,

  • to keep the competition on high level only fish over 80 cm will be accepted, however if you got a smaller fish and you took some unique picture with it please send it and it may be considered,

  • I encourage all customers to take pictures with lure in fish mouth, however if you don't feel confident enough to do that please do not! Your safety and fish welfare are priority for me and I will not accept any responsibility pod your injury. Picture with lure near the fish on unhooking mat or picture of a fish in the landing net with one of my lures are also what I'm looking for.

  • by entering this competition you give Mel Handmade Lures rights to use your pictures for promotional purposes. 

Point system:

  • photo with fish over 80cm caught on Mel Handamde Lure: 1-3 points (up to 3 shots of 1 fish),

  • photo with fish smaller the 80cm caught on Mel Handamde Lure: 1-2 points,

  • photo with different species then pike e.g. muskie, walleye, perch, zander, catfish etc.: 1-3 points,

  • promotional shot of Mel Handmade Lure: 1-3 points,

  • 3 extra points will be  awarded for every picture used on my website or catalogue,

  • 1 point will be awarded to everyone who will publicly share my competition post on Facebook (1 share per week will be counted).


  • Full day of pike fishing with me on one of the big Irish lakes! Great fun guaranteed. Fish? Maybe :) 

  • set of Baby Shad and Piranha,

  • Mel Handmade Lures canvas art,

  • Baby Shad,

  • Mel Handmade Lures coffee mug.

All prizes will be delivered as voucher codes to use in my online store and they will not have an expiry date. You can use them whenever you prefer! If the competition will get enough interest I may add more prizes in the future.

Have a lot of fun and good luck!

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